Taxi! is a 1932 American Pre-Code film starring James Cagney and Loretta Young. The movie was directed by Roy Del Ruth.

The film includes two famous Cagney dialogues, one of which features Cagney conducting a conversation with a passenger in Yiddish, and the other when Cagney is speaking to his brother's killer through a locked closet, "Come out and take it, you dirty yellow-bellied rat, or I'll give it to you through the door!." The provenance of this sequence led to Cagney being famously misquoted as saying, "You dirty rat, you killed my brother."

Also, Taxi! marks the first occasion when Cagney dances on screen, as Matt and Sue enter a Peabody contest at a nightclub. To play his competitor in a ballroom dance contest, Cagney recommended his pal, fellow tough-guy-dancer George Raft, who was uncredited in the film. In a lengthy and memorable sequence, he scene culminates with Raft and his partner winning the dance contest against Cagney and Young, after which Cagney slugs Raft and knocks him down. As in The Public Enemy (1931), several scenes in Taxi! involved the use of live machine-gun bullets. After a few of the bullets narrowly missed Cagney's head, he outlawed the practice in his future films.

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Effortless navigation for women in the UAE – your guide to ‘ladies' taxis’

Gulf News 30 May 2024
If you want to book a ‘ladies’ taxi’, no matter the time of day, you can hail it on the street or book one easily through an app or call centre anywhere in the UAE. Here's your guide to navigating women-only taxis across the UAE. ... The ‘family taxi’ in the Abu Dhabi is dedicated only for families and operated by trained female drivers....

Dubai Taxi Company in strategic partnership deal with talabat UAE

Gulf Today 29 May 2024
Dubai Taxi Company (DTC), the leading provider of comprehensive mobility solutions in Dubai, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with talabat UAE, the region’s leading delivery platform to offer transportation and delivery solutions, utilizing DTC’s diverse fleet of vehicles....

UAE petrol prices for June 2024 predicted

Time Out Dubai 27 May 2024
The year started with a decrease in UAE petrol prices for January but since February there has been a marginal increase in what we pay at the pump ... Current UAE petrol prices for May sit at. ... As petrol prices have continued to rise so too has what we pay for a taxi in Dubai with a per kilometre rate now at Dhs2.09 in the city ... UAE petrol prices recap.....

Karwa Taxi to be available on Uber

Gulf-Times 26 May 2024
... promote a green mobility landscape with our hybrid-electric Taxi fleet,' said Pia El Hachem, general manager for Qatar, UAE and Jordan at Uber.'Uber has a long history of partnering with cities to boost earning opportunities for drivers and improve access to transport for riders....

“Joby’s air taxis are like Teslas in the skies”: Bonny Simi

The Gulf Time 24 May 2024
Bonny Simi, the president of operations at Joby Aviation, shares insights with the Gulf Time’s Arunima Mishra on inter-emirate air taxi services, for example between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Joby’s plan to establish and scale air taxi services in the UAE capital and beyond that took shape at Abu Dhabi’s inaugural DRIFTx....

From Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 10 minutes with a Dh800 air taxi ride

Al Wast 23 May 2024
The UAE's Flying Taxi Initiative ... Once operational, these air taxis will drastically reduce travel ... In addition to revolutionizing urban transportation, the introduction of flying taxis underscores the UAE's commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancements....

Soon, travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 10 minutes with Dh800 air taxi ride

Khaleejtimes 23 May 2024
The investments were also aimed at constructing vertiports in critical locations throughout Abu Dhabi and accelerating Archer’s launch of commercial air taxi operations in the UAE ... The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) “is determining” the requirements and guidelines on how people can apply as a flying taxi pilot....

 The cost of traveling by air taxi in the UAE from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Akhbrna 23 May 2024
How much does it cost to take an air taxi in the United Arab Emirates from Dubai to Abu Dhabi? The following is the cost of traveling by air taxi in the United Arab Emirates.. The air taxi flight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will soon be available for Dh800, and it will take only ten minutes ... The cost of traveling by air taxi in the UAE is.....

Dubai to RAK in 27 mins: UAE firm to connect all emirates, increase heliports to 30 in 3 years

Khaleejtimes 23 May 2024
Last year, Air Chateau had signed an agreement with the US-based electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer Archer Aviation to purchase up to 100 of the company’s Midnight aircraft for nearly $500 million, as part of a plan to launch electric air taxi services in the UAE....

Saudi Arabia woos electric flying taxi company Archer Aviation

Gulf News 22 May 2024
Saudi Arabia has begun courting Archer Aviation, following the electric air taxi company’s announcement of a partnership with economic and regional rival, the UAE ... Last month, Archer signed a pact with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office for multi-million dollar investments to speed up planned commercial air taxi operations in the UAE....

Time for a new job? UAE flying taxis are looking for pilots

Time Out Dubai 21 May 2024
UAE flying taxis are set to whizz between Dubai and Abu Dhabi very soon, and now the search is on to recruit pilots for the first fleet ... The Archer flying taxi will be stationed in Abu Dhabi, making the commuter journey back and forth to Dubai ... Dubai flying taxis ... The new taxi ......

60,000 jobs: New pilots needed to fly 'air taxis'

Gulf News 21 May 2024
US-based air taxi maker Joby Aviation, following years of development, is on track to launch electric air taxi in 2025 – with further service expansion planned in the UAE, Korea and Japan ... The US, Germany, the UK, China, Japan, Brazil, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading the way in embracing air taxi technology ... Air taxis ... AIR TAXIS MARKET....

Want to reserve parking at Dubai mosque? Eligibility, requirements, validity; all you need to know

Khaleejtimes 21 May 2024
Dubai can get busy, especially during peak hours ... It's a good thing that imams and muezzins in the emirate can apply to reserve a parking space at mosques ... Dubai. What to do when you forget things in a taxi UAE. 8 safety tips to follow when vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road Sharjah eases free parking service for people of determination UAE....